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YoCo Holistics is not currently taking appointments, but hopes to resume treatments by June 2023.

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Colonic Hydrotherapy

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The Treatment

What to Expect

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle treatment, allowing filtered water into the colon via the rectum, while simultaneously allowing waste to flow out.  The therapy is not painful, but there can be sporadic discomfort in the abdomen for some clients.  The treatment is hygienic and odourless, it lasts approximately 1 hour and it is carried out in a private and relaxing environment. 

YoCo Holistics offers 90 minute appointment slots to ensure that you have plenty of time to feel settled before and after your session.  Please allow an additional 20 minutes for your first treatment at YoCo Holistics, which includes an in depth health questionnaire.

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Colonic Prices

New Client Offer: Get £10 off your first colonic treatment or course at YoCo Holistics

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